Spore monitoring and the development of smart agriculture

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On July 23, shandong Provincial Ecological and environmental Protection Conference was held in Jinan. The conference stressed the importance of environmental protection, but also told us that the prevention and control of environmental pollution should always be on the road. Pollution in ecological environment comes from many aspects, including agricultural environmental pollution. Agricultural environmental pollution mainly comes from plant diseases in agricultural production. To reduce plant diseases, farmers increase pesticide doses. Although it has achieved temporary effect, it has caused serious impact on soil, water source and organisms. Thus, suitable equipment is needed for spores of pests and diseases. Monitoring can be done with spore monitoring equipment.

The spore monitoring
The spore monitoring
Spore monitoring equipment

In order to monitor plant diseases in time and realize drug reduction and control.The spore detector independently developed by Jingxun Unimpeded can be used for spore monitoring.The intelligent spore capture analyzer is specially developed. To collect spores and pollen dust particles of disease pathogens that flow and infect the air. It is mainly used to detect spore reserves and transmission dynamics of disease, and provide reliable data for predicting and preventing disease epidemic and infection. The spore trap can collect all kinds of pollen. It can meet the research needs of application units. It is a special equipment for crop disease monitoring that should be equipped by agricultural plant protection department.

The spore trap can be fixed in the observation area to observe the species and quantity of spores in a specific area. This product makes the spores in the air pass through the air collection system and make the spores fall on the glass slide through the air supply port. When the transmission collection system moves the collected spores to the microscope. Microbiological observation system is in operation. Can detect data displayed on the screen and uploaded to the cloud platform.