Irrigation system and smart agricultural crop growth

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Jingxuntong Smart Irrigation uses a combination of modern information technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and sensor technology. Real-time monitoring of environmental temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil moisture and other parameters in agricultural production can be carried out. The system judges whether to irrigate crops by analyzing and processing sensor data. The amount of irrigation can be customized for precise irrigation schemes. While saving water resources, it can also increase the yield of crops.

Jingxuntong’s irrigation system automatically irrigates according to a certain amount of water according to the pre-programmed program in the programmable controller. The growth characteristics of each crop are different, some like dryness and some like wetness. If there is too much moisture in the soil, the roots of the crops will rot in the soil due to excessive moisture. If there is too little water, it will not meet the growth needs of crops. Severe conditions can hinder the growth of crops.

sprinkler irrigation
sprinkler irrigation
Introduction of Smart Irrigation Equipment

The irrigation system realizes that agricultural irrigation does not require the direct participation of people, and the intelligent irrigation system automatically realizes irrigation. It can effectively reduce the use of human resources and improve the resource allocation rate of the enterprise.

The automatic irrigation system is based on the requirements of crops, soil moisture, soil properties and other conditions. Provide the most suitable automatic irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and drip irrigation solutions. The automatic irrigation system performs regular and quantitative irrigation according to the plan.