Introduction to the function of soil moisture monitor

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Soil is one of the natural resources that mankind depends on for survival. It is the foundation of plant growth and development. The state of soil environment is closely related to the survival and reproduction of human society. In addition to hydroponic plants, soil moisture is the main source for plants to absorb water. The dissolution and absorption of various fertilizers in the soil, and the decomposition and transformation of organic matter are also closely related to the content of soil moisture. The measurement standard of soil moisture is the soil moisture content, that is, the percentage of the weight of soil moisture. Measuring soil water content and understanding crop needs for water are of great significance to agricultural production. It can be monitored with a soil moisture monitor.

Soil moisture sensor
Soil moisture sensor
Soil moisture monitor

What effect does soil temperature have on plant growth? It will affect soil plants, microorganisms and soil fertility. In addition, the solubility of gases, inorganic salts and other substances in the soil will be affected by temperature, and the diffusion of water and gas will be affected by temperature. The activity of exchange ions is affected by temperature, and the activity of microorganisms is affected by temperature and so on. These environmental changes will affect the growth of plant roots. As the concentration of inorganic salt plasma decreases, plants absorb less. The respiration of microorganisms can produce heat and decompose mineral nutrients in the soil. If the temperature is not suitable, root respiration will decrease, metabolism will be weakened, and growth will be slow. This affects the growth of the above ground and then the growth of the root system.

The three pin soil sensor adopts the international new generation FDR measurement method, with an accuracy of less than 3%; using the electromagnetic non-contact measurement method, the soil moisture sensor will not drift over time, which greatly improves the stability of the product and extends the service life.The probe part is made of 316 austenitic stainless steel, which has the characteristics of anti-rust, electrolysis, and salt-alkali corrosion resistance, which ensures the long-term operation of the probe part. Therefore, it is suitable for various soils.