Introduction to the development trend of smart agriculture

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Wisdom is closely related to agriculture. Some people say that thanks to the wisdom of mankind, fertilizers and pesticides have greatly increased the yield of crops, allowing the rapid development of society. But more people say that too much wisdom has brought damage to the continuation of mankind. When we use human wisdom correctly, wisdom must promote human development without negative effects. Such agriculture is called smart agriculture .

Smart Agriculture Solutio
Smart Agriculture Solutio
Introduction to the development trend of wisdom agriculture

Experts will participate in production, which is a major change brought by smart agriculture to traditional agriculture. Regardless of whether the experts are in the office or not, their knowledge and wisdom are worthy of reference. Farmer friends can broadcast the problems they don’t understand and the problems encountered in the process of planting and breeding to the experts in a live broadcast, so that the experts can help us analyze and analyze them. But the main decision-making power is still in the hands of the breeders themselves.

Nowadays, consumers want to buy reliable agricultural products. This kind of “rest assured” includes knowing whether these vegetables have been sprayed with pesticides and how much pesticides have been sprayed. Even through the way of video to understand the “life experience” of this agricultural product. Therefore, the trend of visualization will be indispensable in future agriculture or wisdom agriculture.

Everything is subdivided, and the same is true for wisdom agriculture. With development, more vertical industries of wisdom agriculture will be separated in the future. wisdom agriculture will serve agriculture, rural areas, and farmers more accurately.

With the continuous development of wisdom agriculture , various smart devices have brought tremendous changes to people’s lives, and smart agriculture solutions have brought great convenience to people’s lives. Jingxuntong’s smart agriculture solution can provide one-stop service.