The function of automatic monitoring and reporting system of insect situation is introduced

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Insect situation automatic monitoring and reporting system is a plant protection instrument designed according to biological characteristics such as phototropism of insects. They emit light waves that attract pests to the observation station. And automatically complete the killing and drying of pests, and then kill insects and insect body specimens stored in the insect box. By collecting insect boxes, the staff identifies and counts insect specimens in insect boxes. The main types and severity of future pests can be quickly identified. After receiving the notice of plant protection station, farmers can take a more scientific approach to pest control.

Pest monitoring system
Pest monitoring system
Automatic detection and reporting system

With the development of technology now. Jingxun unblocked developed the remote camera insect situation forecast lamp, intelligent insect situation forecast lamp and other insect situation forecast plant protection instruments. Through modern optical, electrical, numerical control integration technology. Keep the worm away. Infrared automatic processing, complete trapping, insect killing, collection, packaging, drainage and other system operations. At the same time, they fed the computer data that the system automatically measured. Analyze and forecast the occurrence and development of insect infestation.

Pest monitoring equipment can remotely set equipment management information such as equipment switch, working status, working mode, working time period setting, image shooting and uploading frequency, image resolution, heating temperature and duration, high and low temperature protection threshold setting and other equipment management information, which can be accurate Know the working status of the equipment in real time.

The pest monitoring equipment can display the location on the map in real time, display the temperature and humidity of the working environment and graphics, light control, rain control, temperature control, latitude and longitude, insect body image, and insect body type list for users to view.