Insect situation monitoring system to agricultural insect situation monitoring what help

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In recent years, with the increasing resistance to agricultural and forestry diseases and insect pests. Diseases and insect pests have a great impact on agriculture in China. In order to control pests, people began to use a large number of pesticides to kill pests. But pests are becoming more resistant and pesticides are being used more and more. It is not only the high cost of agricultural planting pesticide, but also the high pesticide residues in cultivated crops. After being put into the market, people’s health will be harmed gradually. In order to improve the difficulty of agricultural pest control in China. Jingxun Unimpeded independently developed pest monitoring system to help people carry out green prevention and control.

Insect monitoring system
Insect monitoring system
Pest monitoring system

Why can pest monitoring systems help agriculture improve pest control? This is because the concept of disease and insect situation forecast lamp is to prevent in advance. Nip pests in the bud before they spread. The pests are controlled in the stage of eggs and larvae so as to effectively suppress the spread of pests. Not only does it reduce the spread of pests. Pesticides used. It can also reduce damage caused by pests to crops. It is one of the main plant protection tools for modern green prevention and control, ecological agriculture and organic agriculture in China.

Insect ecological monitoring and early warning system. The lethal biological monitoring system collects insect-catching data, environmental information collection data and analysis on the body, and realizes the automation and intelligence of lethal biological insect-catching, classification, real-time transmission, remote detection, lethal biological warning and prevention and control guidance. Moths and butterflies pests such as cotton, fruits, plants, tea, grass, etc.Prevent pesticide chemicals from harming the health of workers and polluting the surrounding environment.The equipment can automatically realize the function of counting and identifying insect species. the current software can automatically identify and count insect species.