Will drip irrigation be replaced? New irrigation equipment has been popularized in many places!

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Development of drip irrigation technology

Agricultural planting is inseparable from irrigation. Throughout the history of agricultural irrigation. From the earliest manpower to carry water for irrigation. Later, pull the water pipe and water pump to irrigate. Then to the present sprinkler irrigation, micro irrigation, trickle irrigation and so on. Drip irrigation originated in Israel. The biggest advantage is water saving. With this advantage, Israel has become an agricultural power!

Disadvantages of trickle irrigation

Although drip irrigation has the advantages of saving water, it also has disadvantages. For example, when will crops be irrigated? When will irrigation be closed? These are inseparable from people’s attention. If the attention is not timely, the irrigation will be delayed. Or over-irrigation. A big disadvantage of trickle irrigation is the unified irrigation method. The trickle irrigation pipe network is all integrated. A large planting area, because of sunlight and topography. There will be situations where irrigation is needed on the east and no irrigation on the west. Therefore, if it is just a unified irrigation, it is definitely not reasonable!

drip irrigation
drip irrigation
Smart irrigation system

With the development of the planting industry, intelligent irrigation systems have made up for the shortcomings of drip irrigation. It is actually an improvement of drip irrigation, adding the functions of intelligent control and partition management. The intelligent irrigation system controls the equipment through sensors. The system passes the soil moisture sensor. Real-time monitoring of soil moisture information. When the soil moisture is below a certain standard, the system will automatically turn on the irrigation equipment. When the soil moisture reaches the standard value, the system automatically shuts down the irrigation equipment. The whole process is automated and no manual management is required! Zoning management is to irrigate a piece of land by region. Each area has independent sensors and control systems to avoid the disadvantages of unified irrigation!