Smart irrigation system integrating water and fertilizer

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Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new agricultural technology that smart irrigation system and fertilization. The integration of water and fertilizer is to use the pressure system to combine soluble solid or liquid fertilizer. According to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer law and characteristics of the crop type.

The mixed fertilizer solution and irrigation water are passed through a controllable pipeline The system water supply and fertilizer supply, after the water and fertilizer are melted, the spray irrigation is formed through pipes, spray guns or nozzles, and it is sprayed evenly, regularly, and quantitatively in the growth area of crops.
The soil in the main growth area always maintains looseness and suitable water content. At the same time, according to the characteristics of different crops’ fertilizer requirements, soil environment and nutrient content, and the law of fertilizer requirements, the requirements of different growth periods are designed. The water and nutrients are quantified regularly, Provide directly to the crop in proportion.

smart irrigation system
smart irrigation system

The integrated water and fertilizer system will also support field weather monitoring stations and soil moisture monitoring stations. In actual production, due to different water supply conditions and irrigation requirements. the integrated water and fertilizer automatic fertilization system may only consist of some equipment.

The water and fertilizer integrated machine is the core of the entire intelligent water and fertilizer irrigation system. The water and fertilizer integrated machine takes the automatic control unit as the core. Through the sensor detection technology, microprocessor technology, computer technology and other information technology. The automatic management and distribution of water and fertilizer supply are realized.

The system is controlled by the controller to inject various fertilizers into the irrigation pipeline in a timely. Appropriate amount and proportion through a set of electromagnetic valves of the fertilizer injector and a set of EC/pH monitoring system. The fertilization task is automatically completed. The water and fertilizer supply are reasonably controlled.