Greenhouse control system

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The greenhouse automatic control system is a remote monitoring and management system configured for the control requirements of vegetable greenhouses. It adopts wireless sensor technology and is based on traditional vegetable greenhouse production technology. It provides a set of more suitable vegetable greenhouses with high reliability, safety and flexibility. A set of software and hardware systems with flexibility, scalability and ease of operation. Real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide concentration, electric shutter status, water pump status collection in vegetable greenhouses, and control of the start and stop of water pumps and valves, electric shutters, opening and closing of ventilation windows, etc., through wireless communication The method is connected to the computer of the vegetable greenhouse management center to monitor and control each vegetable greenhouse in real time.

System composition:

1.Wireless sensors: such as temperature and humidity sensors, soil temperature and humidity sensors, light sensors, CO2 sensors and other equipment.
2.Controller: temperature and humidity controller, light intensity controller, soil temperature and humidity controller, etc., used to centrally process the data information uploaded by each sensor, and issue control instructions issued by the control computer.
3.Control computer, touch screen: used for display of various collected data, remote control of various field devices (fan, humidifier, heating solenoid valve, etc.), printing of various data reports, etc.
4.Remote control terminal: mobile phone, computer, etc.

System functions:

  1. Detection system: Various wireless sensors are used to collect information on physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, PH value, light intensity, soil nutrients, CO2 concentration and other physical parameters in the vegetable growing environment in real time;
  2. Information transmission system: “Transmission” is the establishment of data transmission and conversion methods, which are interactively transmitted through various communication networks such as local wireless networks, the Internet, and mobile communication networks to achieve effective transmission of agricultural production environment information; information is transmitted through wireless networks The system and information routing equipment are transmitted to the control center, and each node can be paired freely, monitored arbitrarily, and does not interfere with each other.
  3. Control system: installing cameras can monitor each greenhouse and the entire park in real time. The monitoring computer can be used to monitor the entire library environment adjustment process. Real-time monitor the temperature and humidity, light, CO2, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity and other data of the vegetable growing environment through the display screen, collect the data of each node, store and manage it to realize the dynamic display of the information of the entire test point, and according to various types Information controls such as automatic irrigation, fertilization, spraying, cooling and lighting. It also has the functions of storing, querying historical data, alarming, and printing.
  4. Remote control system: the user’s mobile phone terminal users can grasp the working status of the vegetable greenhouse in real time and issue commands to control the equipment through their mobile phones.