Application of integrated control system of water and fertilizer

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People cannot live without food and vegetables, and food and vegetables cannot grow well without soil, water and fertilizers, and how to apply water and fertilizers must be scientific. Otherwise, water and fertilizers will not be used less, and crop yield and quality will not improve. waste. Therefore, farming has not been an easy task since ancient times, and it is not so easy to be a farmer. The integrated control system of water and fertilizer is of great importance to farm management.

With the development of science and technology, many technologies have been applied to agricultural production. It’s like the integrated control system of water and fertilizer. Through the comprehensive regulation of water, fertilizer and soil elements. Help crop growers improve the efficiency of water and fertilizer management. Finally, water saving, efficient fertilization, increasing crop yield and improving crop quality can be achieved. People’s tables are becoming more and more rich now. They can eat whatever they want in any season. In fact, it’s because of some technology.

Automatic irrigation system
Automatic irrigation system

Application of water and fertilizer integrated control system

Nowadays, many modern agricultural productions are equipped with integrated water and fertilizer control systems. As a new technology in agricultural production, the role of this system cannot be underestimated. During the operation of this system, scientific fertilization can be done according to the content of soil nutrients and the characteristics of the types of crops planted on the soil, and it will be applied just right, neither too much nor too little, and everything is carried out accurately , including, of course, the need for water.

With the integrated water and fertilizer control system, farming does not depend on human experience to determine whether it is time to fertilize or water? Instead, it is precisely given what to do and how much to do. This saves a lot of trouble in planting, and also saves a lot of labor, but the harvest has been greatly improved, and the quality and quantity of crops have also been greatly improved compared to before.

Irrigation and fertilization machine-irrigation equipment

Irrigation and fertilization machine-irrigation equipment

Water and fertilizer integration technology is a new agricultural technology integrating irrigation and fertilization. Water and fertilizer integration is the use of pressure systems (or the natural drop of the terrain). According to the soil nutrient content and crop type fertilizer rules and characteristics, mix soluble solid or liquid fertilizer. Water is supplied and fertilized through a controlled system of pipes, mixing the fertilizer solution with the irrigation water. After water and fertilizer melt, spray irrigation is formed through pipes, spray guns or nozzles to spray evenly, regularly and quantitatively in crop growing areas. Keep the soil loose and suitable moisture content in the main growing areas.

According to the characteristics of fertilizer demand of different crops, soil environment and nutrient content conditions, as well as the rules of fertilizer demand, the requirements of fertilizer demand in different growth periods were designed. Fixed quantification of water and nutrients. Directly to the crop on a pro rata basis. Water and fertilizer integrated machine (fertilization equipment) is the product of water and fertilizer integrated technology.

irrigation  solenoid  valve
irrigation solenoid valve

Automatic irrigation system

JXCT’s automatic irrigation system consists of an irrigation controller and solenoid valve. Mobile phone remote control automatic irrigation. It saves labor and time. Suitable for park, courtyard, garden, greenhouse, garden and other small irrigation management, easy to install.