How much do you know about the application of anemometer

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The wind forecast you see on a weather app or website is just the tip of the iceberg. Figuratively speaking, it is followed by the larger central part – the weather model that makes the forecast, and the base – the meteorological data on the wind. But where does this data come from? We collect wind data using a variety of instruments. You can call them gadgets or devices in a modern way. Anemometers are the most common of these tools. But there is more than one instrument for measuring wind, considering it is probably the most diverse weather parameter.

Wind speed equipment
Wind speed equipment

An anemometer is a small instrument usually consisting of a base and three wind cups that rotate on a pointed tip. In the process, they capture and measure wind speed and direction. Such instruments are also known as “cup anemometers”. It’s important to understand that they are usually set up at 10 meters (32 feet) above sea level, which is the best altitude for measuring wind. So much so that the wind you see in weather forecasts is always measured at this altitude. In extreme weather conditions, such as on mountain tops, a sonic anemometer is often used instead, which has no moving parts and therefore cannot be damaged.

Anemometer or Pocket Anemometer

An anemometer, or pocket anemometer, is a bit like a pocket thermometer. Use them to measure wind speed no matter where you are. They look like voice recorders, GPS or any other portable device with a small screen and buttons. However, like larger anemometers, they have a bowl or fan to collect wind data. They are widely used by many athletes where knowledge of wind speed is important: kite surfers, paragliders, etc.

wind vane

A weathervane is an ancient tool for measuring wind direction. It looks like a windmill with sails hanging, or a structure made of several poles crossing each other. They can also draw people and animals, houses, flags and different objects on it – anything. Some wind vanes are so interesting that they can be called works of art. With the popularity of modern wind gauges, they have even become veritable treasures, dotting the collections of weather enthusiasts all over the world.

Wind speed sensor
Climate monitor-Wind speed sensor

The wind speed sensor can be used to monitor the wind speed in the environment, accurate measurement, stable base, low friction, Three-cup wind speed measurement, high quality aviation plug, direct sales from manufacturers, support customization.It can be used for meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring, navigation monitoring, wharf, intelligent agricultural farm planting, power plant and other environmental wind speed detection.