Application of soil temperature and moisture sensor in plant growth

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Soil temperature and moisture sensor plays an important role in plant growth. The change of soil temperature and moisture will directly affect the nutrient absorption efficiency of plant roots, and then affect the final yield and quality. In order for plants to grow healthily, we need to keep the soil temperature and moisture at an appropriate level at all times. To ensure that plants are in a good growth environment, we need to strengthen the monitoring of soil temperature and moisture.

Application of soil temperature and moisture sensor:

Specifically, in agricultural production, the growth of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, flowers and other plants are affected by soil temperature and moisture. We take fruit trees as an example to analyze the influence of soil temperature and moisture on fruit tree growth. Temperature (mean annual temperature, accumulated temperature in growing period and extreme low temperature in winter) were the environmental factors that could affect the geographical distribution of fruit trees. Normally, the soil temperature required by northern deciduous trees is mainly concentrated in the range of 12 ~ 25℃. Too high a temperature, root growth and development will stop. Too low temperature, soil microbial activity will be reduced, and then affect the decomposition of organic matter in the soil. The available nutrient content of fruit trees is reduced.

The influence of water on fruit trees is reflected in each period of growth. Fruit trees generally need more water before germination. In flowering, fruit trees are more stringent on water requirements. Too much or too little water can cause falling flowers and fruit. When the new growth period, fruit trees need the most water. Therefore, in agricultural production, the use of soil temperature and moisture sensor is essential to the detection of soil temperature and moisture.

This section describes the T/H sensor with smooth and accurate signals:

The soil temperature and moisture sensor is suitable for measuring soil temperature and moisture. It is compared with the original German high-precision sensor and calibrated by soil drying and weighing method. High precision, fast response, stable output. Less affected by soil salt content, suitable for all kinds of soil. Can be long-term buried in the soil, long-term electrolytic resistance. Corrosion resistance, vacuum sealing, completely waterproof.

Soil sensor
Soil sensor
Soil integrated sensor (5-in-1 soil sensor):

Soil integrated sensor (5 soil sensor combination) is the company independent research and development of soil integrated sensor, at the same time monitoring soil temperature, soil moisture, soil pH, soil electrical conductivity (EC), soil nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K). The 5 in 1 soil sensor USES the international a new generation of TDR measurement method, precision can reach within 3%; Special metal probe, greatly extend the service life of the product. Intelligent chip, accurate measurement.

Portable Soil sensor
Portable Soil sensor
Portable soil sensor:

The rapid meter (portable soil sensor) can be inserted into the soil to display the measurement results in a matter of seconds. It’s simple and convenient, and you don’t need to buy it. There is no need to purchase other different soil detectors to detect and measure soil parameters, which greatly reduces the customer’s use cost and facilitates the user’s measurement.

The measurement results can be displayed within seconds after the sensor is inserted, which is simple, convenient, low-cost and fast. Large size display, large capacity storage.Can store 200,000 pieces of data, can adjust the set time interval record data. The value ranges from 5 seconds to 24 hours. We can view the data by date and time. When the detection value exceeds the alarm value set by the user, the equipment will alarm, timely reminder, press the alarm elimination key to eliminate the alarm; When the user is not using the device, press the backlight button to save the power of the device.

At present, soil temperature and moisture sensor is not only used in agriculture to detect the soil temperature and moisture required by plant growth. The sensor is widely used in scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil speed measurement, plant culture, sewage treatment, food storage and various particulate water content and temperature measurement.