Insecticidal lamp and intelligent insect forecasting instrument

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In agricultural planting, crop diseases and insect pests are one of the main disasters in my country’s agricultural production. And it has the characteristics of many types, great influence, and frequent outbreaks of disasters. It is easy to cause heavy losses to agricultural production. Since pest infestation is unavoidable, it is necessary to work hard on pest control. In the past, most of the pesticides were used to kill insects, although they could play a great role. However, due to the long-term excessive use of chemical pesticides by agricultural growers. It is easy to cause problems such as pesticide residues and strong pest resistance. In the continuous development of the Internet of Things, insecticidal lamps and Intelligent Insect Predictor instruments can be used for monitoring.

Insect monitoring system
Insect monitoring system
Monitoring with insecticidal lamps and smart insect detectors

To this end, my country advocates a plant protection policy that focuses on prevention and comprehensive control. The first thing to do in the development of green ecological agriculture is to reduce pesticides and control harm. Reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Insect-killing lamps and intelligent insect-monitoring instruments have been achieved in reducing pesticides and controlling pests, and are widely used in modern agricultural plant protection work. But at present, many users do not know much about the two instruments. After all, both instruments can have insecticidal effects. In the application, it is difficult for users to distinguish the main difference between the insecticidal lamp and the intelligent insect detector. So today we will do a specific analysis.

Introduction to the difference

Although both insecticidal lamps can kill insects, there is still a big difference between the insecticidal lamps and the intelligent insect detection and reporting instrument. In fact, the main function of insecticidal lamps is to kill pests. The main function of the intelligent insect forecasting instrument is to forecast and report the insect situation. It can be said that the insect forecast is the preliminary work of the insecticidal lamp. Because the time and type of pest outbreaks are not fixed. If you want to control pests, then you must do a good job of pest forecasting. The intelligent insect forecasting instrument is the main instrument specially used for monitoring and forecasting the insect situation. Some people may ask, since the insecticidal lamp is so similar in operation to the intelligent insect monitoring instrument, why not use the insecticidal lamp for insect monitoring? In fact, this is related to the insecticidal methods of the two instruments. The high-voltage power grid used by the insecticidal lamp is used to kill insects, and the killed insects are not complete. Therefore, it is difficult to be identified, and it is not suitable for insect monitoring.