Smart Agriculture System Development Brings Those Different

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Food is for human beings, and agriculture is for the original, which is a high-level summary of the important position of agriculture for thousands of years. With the development of China’s economy and society. On the one hand, people have higher expectations for the quality and safety of food and the sustainable development of agriculture. On the other hand, agricultural modernization has become a shortcoming of China’s modernization. With the rise of digital industrial digital twin technology, a digital twin smart agricultural system for agriculture has also begun. Our team has enough experience in the development of digital twin smart agricultural systems. Help some local agriculture to develop some smart agriculture about tea.

Smart Agriculture System
Smart Agriculture System
Smart Agriculture Solutions:

Achieving the development of smart agriculture is the common direction and main goal of agricultural development in all countries in the world. Agricultural modernization requires modern science and technology to transform traditional agriculture. Let traditional agriculture be solved from relying on the weather to eat and the environment to eat. High-yield, high-quality, and efficient agricultural production. Digital twin smart agriculture can help agriculture achieve better quality and higher yield to a large extent. On another level, digital twin technology has backward compatibility. It means that some existing equipment can be used to achieve some future functions.

The monitoring system mainly uses modern light, electricity, numerical control technology, wireless transmission technology and Internet technology to build a set of pest ecological monitoring and early warning system. The system integrates pest trapping and photographing, environmental information collection, data transmission and data analysis , and realizes the trapping, classification and statistics, real-time reporting and transmission of pests.Automation and intelligence of remote detection, pest early warning and control guidance. The system has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation and flexible setting.Agricultural field data collection function (such as temperature and humidity, soil pH, etc.).