Temperature and humidity sensor and outdoor light sensor

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Illuminance is the luminous flux of an object per unit area of the illuminating surface. Silicon blue photovolt detector with high sensitivity to low light is widely used in wireless outdoor illumination sensor of smart agriculture. It has the characteristics of easy installation, good waterproof performance, wide measuring range and long transmission distance. It is especially suitable for agricultural greenhouses. It is used to test whether the light intensity required for crop growth reaches the optimal growth condition of the crop. To determine if backlighting or shading is needed.

Outdoor light sensor
Outdoor light sensor
Temperature sensor and illumination sensor

Temperature sensor is the most widely used sensor in smart agriculture. It is widely used for temperature and humidity monitoring in greenhouse, soil, open air environment, plant leaf surface, food and vegetable and fruit storage. The wireless air temperature and humidity sensor is used to detect the temperature and humidity of the air in agricultural environment. Usually installed in greenhouse or livestock shed air circulation shading place. The wireless soil temperature and humidity sensor is installed in the root soil of crops. During installation, the depth of soil buried by sensor is determined according to different root depth of crops. Each greenhouse or greenhouse length usually installed 2-4 vary. It is used to detect soil temperature and moisture content during crop growth and development. Observe changes to facilitate timely and appropriate watering.

The temperature and humidity sensor adopts a high degree of protection enclosure, and the degree of protection is IP65. It can be used in outdoor or high dust occasions. High sensitivity, accurate measurement, no fear of condensation, strong anti-interference, stable performance.Temperature and humidity sensors can be used for temperature and humidity detection in harsh environments such as industrial plants, traffic tunnels, energy, and electricity, as well as temperature and humidity detection in computer rooms and laboratories such as fruit trees, gardens, agricultural pastures, agricultural greenhouses, and flower breeding.