Internet of Things sand and gravel filtration equipment

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Sand filter is a common sand filter equipment used to remove organic impurities in water. Usually used for industrial water treatment. Industries such as filtered water for agricultural irrigation and physical filtration of urban water. The filter medium of the sand filter is quartz sand filter material. When the raw water passes through the quartz sand filter material, the impurities in the water are intercepted, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering the effluent.

Sand filter equipment
Sand filter equipment
Sand filter

This filter is filtered through a homogeneous medium layer, and its filtering accuracy depends on the size of the sand particles. The filtration process is: water flows in from the water inlet on the upper part of the tank. It penetrates downward through movement in the pores of the medium layer. Finally, the impurities are separated in the upper part of the dielectric layer. The filtered purified water enters the water outlet through the filter element in the filter and flows out, which completes the water filtration process. The sand filter can be used alone according to the water consumption and filtration accuracy requirements of the irrigation project. It can also be used in combination with multiple filters or with other filters.

The filter system in the irrigation sand filter is composed of one or more standard high-speed filter units. The raw water passes through the internal water tank and the filter layer collector. The filter layer medium is used to effectively remove suspended solids and reduce the turbidity of the water (such as loading specific filter materials such as activated carbon, anthracite, etc., can also adsorb and remove the corresponding organic matter and harmful ion).