IoT Smart Garden Irrigation System and Traditional Irrigation

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Garden irrigation is one of the main methods of garden plant maintenance. Compared with the landscape effect pursued in the garden field, garden irrigation is in a subsidiary position. Garden irrigators must not only meet the water distribution requirements of landscape plants, but also highlight the overall beauty of the landscape effect. Don’t overpower the guests. Therefore, in the development of garden irrigators, priority should be given to hidden technology. If it is exposed, seek to minimize the exposed area and coordinate with the surrounding landscape. With the advancement and development of science and technology, the garden control system can be used for monitoring and management.

remote control
remote control
Garden irrigation system

The garden controlled irrigation system is an integral part of the municipal water supply system. The working mode of the garden control system is restricted by the function of the municipal water supply system and the leisure function of urban green space. Gardens and green spaces are basically dense areas of crowd activities. Irrigation operations are not allowed during crowd activities. There is no “window” for all-weather work like agricultural irrigation, so the working time for garden irrigation is very limited. This is the biggest difference from agricultural irrigation. Therefore, garden irrigation devices are required. In particular, the flow rate of garden micro-irrigation irrigators is obviously larger than that of agriculture, and the maintenance and water distribution of garden plants must be completed within a limited operating time.The automatic irrigation system consists of an irrigation controller and a solenoid valve. Mobile phone remote control automatic irrigation. It saves labor and time. It is suitable for small-scale irrigation management in parks, courtyards, gardens, greenhouses, gardens, etc., and is easy to install.All operation information of the operation interface can be displayed on a screen of the irrigation controller. The interface is simple and easy to operate.