The effect of real-time rainfall monitoring system on plant growth

User:JXCTUpload time:Dec 20 2021

Rainfall is closely related to the growth and development of crops. It can be said that the monitoring of rainfall is very important. The real-time rainfall monitor system is an environmental monitoring instrument that can accurately record rainfall. Through this instrument, people can obtain rainfall data remotely. And can judge the future rainfall situation according to the local environment and weather, so as to arrange reasonable agricultural events.

Timely monitoring of rainfall changes has an extremely obvious effect on people’s production and life. Ordinary rainfall monitoring instruments cannot achieve the effect of timely monitoring. The use of rain gauges and rain gauges to monitor and record rainfall is cumbersome and backward with large errors. Based on this, after continuous exploration, Jingxun Changtong invented a variety of rainfall monitoring equipment and systems.

Rainfall Monitoring
Rainfall Monitoring
Real-time rainfall monitoring system

The rainfall monitoring station is composed of seven parts: a monitoring platform, a collection system, a communication system, a sensor system, a power supply system, a real scene monitoring system, and a mechanical installation system. The rainfall monitoring station can be combined with actual landscape measurement and LED display. Simultaneously measure air temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, soil temperature, soil moisture, light intensity, atmospheric pressure and other meteorological environment elements. The user adopts an open and friendly design concept, and the user can change the collaboration between element components and modules.

So as to quickly realize the changes and expansion of data collection, processing methods, and observation elements. The difference between the design of the rainfall monitoring station and the weather station is that the rainfall monitoring station has an extra rain barrel.The rainfall monitoring system supports a variety of customized sensors, and you can choose to match wind speed, wind direction, shutter boxes, rain and snow sensors. Convenient and convenient to use, to meet your needs for various environmental testing.