The principle and application of air pressure sensor

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At present, the development of sensors is in a diversified stage. Commonly used sensors in the consumer field include temperature sensors, pulse sensors, smoke sensors, angular velocity sensors, distance sensors, and air pressure sensors.

The barometric pressure sensor is an instrument used to measure the absolute pressure of gas. It is to transmit the detected information according to a certain rule of electrical signals and other information. The main sensing elements are a thin film sensitive to the strength of the air pressure sensor and a thimble opening control. At the same time, a flexible resistor is also connected to the circuit. When the pressure of the measured gas changes, the change of the membrane will drive the thimble to change at the same time, resulting in a change in the resistance of the resistor. After the resistance value has changed. After the conversion and the data collector accept it, and send it to the computer in an appropriate situation.

Air Monitor
Air Monitor
Application of air pressure sensor

At present, the application of air pressure sensors is wider. Usually used with other components to improve measurement accuracy. The most typical height calculation is done in 3D GPS. The altitude is calculated based on the measured air pressure value, and a variety of auxiliary devices are used to correct the accuracy. Similarly, the use of air pressure sensors can improve the accuracy of GPS navigation. It can locate the location more accurately and avoid accidents due to navigation problems.

In the medical field, air pressure sensors are mainly used as disposable low-cost catheters used in surgical operations. Used to sense pressure and differential flow. In the industrial field, in addition to being used for height measurement. The air pressure sensor can also be used to monitor precision components and track their operation. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the application of air pressure sensors is becoming wider and wider. Wearable devices, smart homes, etc. are also gradually applied and promoted.