Status quo of smart agricultural sensors

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What are the problems with wisdom agricultures?

In fact, the sensor technology of smart agriculture in China is still in the initial stage and can not fully meet the needs of the development of smart agriculture. Research and development personnel is also relatively less, to agriculture now intelligence, automation further or have certain hindrance. In addition, wisdom agricultural sensors are also in the initial stage, or only preliminary monitoring of environmental factors. In the face of some force majeure harsh environment sensor stability and practicality is still lacking.

Although smart agriculture has promoted the development of agriculture in China. But for this aspect, there is still a long way to go for the development of wisdom agricultural sensors in China.

Smart agricultural sensor
Smart agricultural sensor
Smart agricultural sensor

Sensors such as temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, illuminance and gas are commonly used in smart agriculture to monitor factors affecting crop growth such as temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction. To get a better understanding of plant growth.

Wind speed sensors can be used to monitor wind speed in the environment. Accurate measurement, three cup wind speed measurement. Direct sales by manufacturers, support customization.

The wind speed and direction sensor in the smart agriculture monitoring system is mainly used outdoors and can form a weather station. The shading and heat preservation functions in greenhouse are mainly realized by shading net and rolling film. If the wind speed is too high, it will cause damage to the sunshade net or the film. When the wind speed and direction sensor is installed, the system will calculate the value returned by the sensor detection. When the wind speed is too high, the sunshade net and film can be recovered in time to avoid loss.

Wind direction sensor is used to measure wind direction. Accurate measurement, stable base, low friction. Black shielded wire, high quality aviation plug. Direct sales from manufacturers, support customization.