Automated agricultural irrigation systems are more conducive to agricultural management

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Agricultural automatic irrigation system is designed to realize water-saving irrigation and adopts the principle of adjusting measures to local conditions. Choose different irrigation facilities according to the different needs of different areas and different crops. Use computer, wireless data communication, acquisition controller, sensor and other advanced technology to monitor and manage farmland irrigation. In order to achieve the purpose of water-saving irrigation and automatic water-saving irrigation, we can ensure timely and appropriate water to meet the needs of crop growth. The system architecture scheme provides a basic framework of water-saving irrigation automation system. It is mainly composed of the central master control system, acquisition and control module, wireless communication module, soil moisture sensor, meteorological observation station, solenoid valve and other equipment. The system can be divided into sensor and solenoid valve, acquisition control, data transmission and control center four parts.

Automatic irrigation system
Automatic irrigation system
The role of automated irrigation systems in agriculture

Agricultural automatic irrigation system has developed from traditional adequate irrigation to inadequate irrigation. The dynamic management is realized by detecting and forecasting the irrigation water. The system uses sensors to collect soil moisture, meteorological information and crop growth status. Real-time remote monitoring of irrigation water consumption through wireless network. Implement irrigation and nutrient supply according to the needs of crops.

Agricultural automatic irrigation system has developed from traditional adequate irrigation to inadequate irrigation. Monitoring and forecasting of irrigation area water use and actual dynamic management. Sensors are used to monitor soil moisture and crop growth to achieve automatic water management. Efficient and sophisticated agriculture requires that we improve the efficiency of water resources. In order to realize the high efficiency of water resources, it is impossible to solve the problem only by single water-saving irrigation technology. It is necessary to consider the development of water sources, water distribution, irrigation technology, rainfall, evaporation, soil moisture and the law of crop water demand. Achieve rainfall, irrigation water, soil water and groundwater joint call. To achieve automatic water supply on schedule, on demand and by quantity.