Talking about the Image Analyzer of Plant Root System

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The role of plant roots:

The root is the foundation of the survival of the plant. Roots can not only fix plant bodies, but also absorb nutrients and water needed for plant growth to promote plant growth. Rhizome digestion and absorption of minerals from the soil is an active physiological process. Xunchang has developed a plant root growth monitoring system in smart agriculture, which can monitor the growth status of plant roots. Ensure the normal growth of plants.

There is a sense of relativity between it and the digestion and absorption of water. The most active areas for roots to digest and absorb mineral elements are the root cap and root tip tissues, as well as the root hair production area. Various positive ions in the soil layer are first absorbed by the root surface. Then the magnetic fluid generates electricity and enters the body cell according to the cytoplasm. Then enter the phloem hose through the ion exchange between somatic cells. Provide minerals for plant growth. So in order to understand the growth of the root system.

smart agriculture
smart agriculture
Plant Root System Image Analyzer:

The plant root system image analyzer can monitor the plant root system. Provide the grower with detailed information about the root system so that the grower can understand the condition of the root system.

So according to the condition of the root system, scientific and effective measures are taken to carry out scientific breeding. The root scanning system can also be used with the agricultural big data cloud platform. Jointly monitor plant roots. The Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform is a universal IoT software. Based on industry solutions, it solves the problem of traditional cloud platforms that emphasize linking but not experience. Upgrade the front-end display effect and style on the basis of links, and integrate more than ten industry interface templates. It is an IoT system that integrates solutions, data collection, early warning release, remote control, and data analysis. Jingxun Cloud provides data recording, query, export, comparison and other functions, mainly to provide customers with one-stop joining services at the application layer.