The use characteristics and precautions of soil tensiometer

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The soil water detector is a sensor that can measure the change of soil moisture at any point in the soil. It is also a sensor based on the principle of dielectric constant; it can quickly, accurately and comprehensively monitor the soil moisture of different soil layers.

Soil moisture plays a very important role in the growth of crops. The soil water potential sensor can accurately detect changes in the humidity in the soil, and improve the soil through the detected data. Let the crops in the best living environment, thereby increasing the yield. And it greatly facilitates the customer’s systematic assessment of soil conditions.

soil water detector
soil water detector
Use environment

It is suitable for garden irrigation monitoring. Moisture monitoring. Farming guidance. Water conservancy construction. Mine monitoring. Geological exploration. Monitoring of various environmental humidity such as scientific experiment and forage planting.

Features and advantages

The soil water detector monitors the soil moisture at different levels in real time, and the plastic pipe moves up and down to realize the dynamic observation equipment of the soil moisture content of each soil layer, using the standard modbus protocol. Stable, reliable, accurate measurement, small zero drift, good repeatability, product protection grade IP67, strong anti-interference ability.

Measurement method and matters needing attention

Soil water detector monitoring needs to select a suitable measurement site and measure the depth according to the need. And carry on the hole test according to the size, fill the pit tightly. The measuring instrument starts to work and stabilizes for a period of time. It can measure and record continuously for several days, months or even longer. The measuring instrument must be inserted vertically into the test environment when the device is buried in the test environment. Do not press too hard. It is not suitable for measuring the absolute moisture of saline-alkali soils, sandy soils, or other powdery objects with high salt content. Do not use in the environment where soil impurities, stones, roots, and difficult to dissolve