What do you know about smart irrigation?

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Smart irrigation system

The nation uses more than 9 billion gallons of water every day. Most of it is used for landscape irrigation, but up to 50 percent is wasted, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Aging, leaky, inefficient irrigation systems, or overwatering on a planned schedule regardless of the weather or how saturated the soil is below the surface – play a major role in irrigation water wastage. However, this can be solved by replacing aging irrigation infrastructure with today’s cloud-based smart water management. Not only can it save billions of gallons of water each year, but it can save thousands of dollars in water bills during these severe droughts.

Automatic irrigation system
Automatic irrigation system

The development of intelligent irrigation technology

Today’s smart weather-based irrigation technologies are more water efficient than aging irrigation systems built 10-15 years ago. That’s because smart controllers monitor the weather, current soil conditions, evaporation, and plant usage to determine when and how much water is needed based on real-time conditions on site.

Older irrigation systems are manually preset watering schedules that rarely adjust to deliver the correct amount of water based on current landscape conditions or weather. This can lead to overwatering, which can cause costly damage to landscaping, hardscape, foundations, and slope erosion from excess water runoff.

Irrigation Controller
Irrigation Controller

JXCT intelligent irrigation system, you deserve it

From cloud-based to soil-based, today’s data-enabled smart irrigation systems and controllers can also calculate rainfall, measure soil moisture deep in the root zone to within ± 3% of the soil’s actual volumetric moisture content, and electronically Data is transmitted to the smart controller, telling it how much water it needs.

Several studies have shown irrigation water savings ranging from 40% to 70% using this cutting-edge technology. In addition to saving billions of gallons of water and thousands of dollars in annual water bills each year, cities and parks are able to meet California’s mandated 25 percent reduction in water use through smart water management. All of this is achieved by replacing aging irrigation infrastructure with today’s cloud-based, weather-based smart irrigation technology.

irrigation solenoid valve
irrigation solenoid valve
Irrigation controller-Drip irrigation solenoid valve

Drip irrigation solenoid valve has two types: DC solenoid valve and pulse solenoid valve, which can realize circuit control and manual control. It can be used with water and fertilizer integrated machine and irrigation controller to realize water and fertilizer integrated automatic irrigation. Irrigation solenoid valve switches smoothly and effectively prevents water hammer.