Application and Introduction of Smart Irrigation Controller

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Application of intelligent irrigation controller

Surprisingly, winter is one of the best times to conserve irrigation water. Between now and April-May, your JXCT Smart Irrigation Controller can provide a significant return on annual water and cost savings. Depending on the geography of the United States, you may be able to shut off the irrigation system entirely or require only a small amount of watering. A unique feature that is invaluable in winter, it uses the weather forecast to eliminate unnecessary irrigation. It automatically adjusts your schedule to cancel daily watering up to 7 days before the forecast for rain.

JXCT helps the irrigation system survive the winter

JXCT allows you to change irrigation settings for one or hundreds of locations in minutes from the comfort of your office or home. Plus, remote access through JXCT’s online account means you can program winter irrigation pause reductions and shutdowns without having to drive your truck to the field or be in front of the controller.

Here are a few ways to use water conservation during the winter months where you live.

Cold weather!

Freezing temperatures pose a major threat to irrigation systems. When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, sprinkler pipes and other components are at risk of freezing and cracking. If you live in an area of the country where you need to take steps to prevent your irrigation system from freezing, you should “pause” your smart controller. This will prevent the controller from fully watering until the selected pause end date you have scheduled.

Also, suppose you are draining or flushing water from an irrigation system valve. In this case we strongly recommend installing a suspension on your controller as part of the freeze protection to avoid activating the “dry valve” which would cause costly damage.

Winterizing Irrigation Systems: Temperate Climates!

In parts of the country that do not freeze, or where typical icing lasts only a few hours, JXCT recommends that you configure a rain forecast hold-off setting to maximize outdoor water use and save money during the winter months.

From the “Controller Overview” page of your online account, click “Forecast Rain” from the menu options. Next, click the Edit link to set the Rainfall Threshold settings. When weather forecasts are considered, only the number of days you enter will be forecast, and watering will only be suspended if the probability exceeds the rainfall event you specify. Repeat this for each controller at the site to which you wish to apply predictive functionality.

Since rain is forecast, JXCT will automatically check to see if any stations are scheduled to be watered on the selected controller. If your forecast percentage is met or exceeded, planned irrigation can be interrupted, provided the plants’ needs are met.

Irrigation and fertilization machine
Irrigation and fertilization machine
Extra off season maintenance!

While you can remotely program winter settings for your JXCT Smart Irrigation and monitor your irrigation system at any time from anywhere, it’s best to actually check out the controller at the end of the year. During the cooler months, some insects or rodents may be more inclined to try and get into your controller housing. This may cause damage not covered by the warranty. To help avoid this damage, check your controller and make sure there are no easy openings into the case. Also, we recommend using soft foam filler to seal any gaps in the controller.

Be sure to tighten all end caps as you prepare to restart your irrigation controller for the new spring irrigation season. And check for leaks or any damage that may occur during the winter. Next, verify that the controller’s wireless communications modem is working properly by performing a “test dial” directly on the controller or remotely through your online account. All irrigation stations/areas were then “wetness tested”. To check if the irrigation valve is working properly. You will be fully prepared to use our intelligent automatic water dispatch. In order to manage landscape replenishment requirements during warm and hot months.