Application of JXCT soil moisture sensor

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Effective irrigation management increases yield and grain quality, saves water and energy, and reduces nutrient loss. One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve irrigation efficiency is to implement soil sensor technology in irrigation scheduling. This article provides the basics and practical advice for using soil moisture sensors for irrigation scheduling.

Introduction to Common Soil Moisture Sensors
Soil water potential sensor

The soil water potential sensor is a practical method to study soil water movement from the energy point of view. The soil water potential sensor is a practical instrument that reflects soil moisture and guides irrigation. The soil water tension measured by the soil water potential sensor is the suction force of the soil to water. The wetter the soil, the lower the suction power; otherwise, the greater the suction power. When the soil moisture increases until all voids are filled with water, the soil water tension will drop to zero.

The soil moisture sensor can reflect soil conditions in real time, measure the water absorption and irrigation indicators of field or potted soil, and monitor the dynamic changes of soil moisture (including soil moisture and groundwater). It can grasp the soil condition in real time through the remote platform, make the data into a table, and support the computer to receive remote cloud viewing data.

The soil moisture sensor
soil moisture sensors
Soil moisture sensor

The three pin soil sensor adopts the international new generation FDR measurement method, with an accuracy of less than 3%; using the electromagnetic non-contact measurement method, the soil moisture sensor will not drift over time, which greatly improves the stability of the product and extends the service life.The three pin soil sensor is mainly used to monitor the moisture content in the soil. It has the advantages of low soil influence, high measurement accuracy, and fast speed.Soil sensor is suitable for Orchard nursery, various gardening soil detection, support free customization of parameters, all-in-one soil sensor customization.

Portable digital soil detector
Portable digital soil detector
Portable Soil sensor

The fast measuring instrument (portable Soil sensor) can insert the sensor into the soil and display the measurement result within a few seconds. It is simple and convenient, no need to buy. There is no need to purchase a different soil detector to detect and measure soil parameters. Greatly reduce the use cost of customers. Easy for users to measure.