Application of soil moisture sensor garden

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Why a garden?

If you haven’t tried growing your own food, it’s never too late to start. There are many reasons why everyone should grow a garden. First, it brings us closer to the actual food we consume every day. By 2022, most of us will be lucky enough to walk or drive to our local grocery store and buy basically any kind of produce we want. The abundance of food also leads us to throw away the leftovers after meals. But when you grow your own, you’re more likely to value every bit of every morsel of food you grow. Second, planting a garden is good for the environment! This is true on both an economic and a personal level. Factory farms are harsh on the soil in which they grow, and they are also very polluting. On a personal level, they look beautiful and can improve the feel of your backyard. Plus, it’s an achievement. Lastly, gardening can save money on groceries in late summer/fall. We can use JXCT‘s soil moisture sensor garden for monitoring, so as to provide the most suitable temperature and humidity environment for plants.

The soil moisture sensor
The soil moisture sensor
soil moisture

Soil moisture sensors are one of the most important pieces of technology you can buy for your garden. There are four key elements to growing food: water, temperature, light and nutrients. Nutrients should be the first thing to do at the beginning of the year, early spring. That means buying compost—mushroom compost, or another mix of your choice—and improving the soil. In short, it mixes nutrients into the soil so your plants get all the food they need to grow big and strong. Then, there are three other factors that you will worry about throughout the year. You want enough light, but not too much, or it will raise the temperature and dry out the soil. To make sure your soil doesn’t look like a desert, this is where soil moisture sensors come into play.

Soil water potential sensor
Soil water potential sensor
soil moisture / humidity measurement

The soil moisture sensor can reflect soil conditions in real time, measure the water absorption and irrigation indicators of field or potted soil, and monitor the dynamic changes of soil moisture (including soil moisture and groundwater). It can grasp the soil condition in real time through the remote platform, make the data into a table, and support the computer to receive remote cloud viewing data.