Application of soil salinity sensor

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When people think of the relationship between salt and crops, the impression is that salt is harmful to plant growth. However, it must be remembered that whenever we fertilize, we are adding salt to the soil. So, when measuring soil salinity, it could be a case of too much or too little. If the salinity is too high, the roots cannot absorb water. If the salinity is too low, the plants may be starved of nutrients. This is especially important for indoor operations using growing media with little or no natural fertility. For routine measurements, it is impractical to actually measure the salinity content of irrigation water or soil. Fortunately, electrical conductivity (EC) can be used as a proxy for salt content. EC is a measure of the conductivity of an aqueous solution. It is affected by salt concentration and temperature. We can use the soil salinity sensor independently developed by JXCT for monitoring to better understand the changes in salinity.

soil ec sensor
Soil conductivity(EC) sensor-soil ec sensor

JXCT soil salinity sensor adopts the international new generation of FDR measurement method, the accuracy is less than 3%; Using electromagnetic non-contact measurement method, soil EC sensor will not drift over time, greatly improving the stability of the product, extend the service life. Soil salinity sensors are mainly used to monitor soil salinity. The soil conductivity sensor has the advantages of small soil influence, high measurement accuracy and fast response speed. Can be directly buried in the soil for a long time without corrosion. Soil sensor is suitable for farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, all kinds of horticultural soil detection, support parameter free customization, multi-in-one soil sensor customization. Soil EC sensors are suitable for total soil salt (conductivity). Compared with the German original high precision sensor and the actual soil drying weighing method calibration, high precision, fast response, stable output. Less affected by soil salt content, suitable for all kinds of soil. It can be buried in soil for a long time, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum sealing, completely waterproof.

Soil parameter sensor
Soil parameter sensor
Soil parameter sensor

Soil parameter sensor (Soil parameter quick measuring instrument) has high precision. Soil sensor can monitor soil temperature and humidity,pH value, nitrogen,phosphorus, potassium and electrical conductivity.It is simple and convenient, with low cost and fast measurement speed.

Soil parameter velocimetry adopts advanced FDR measurement method, FDR is a new generation of soil measurement technology that uses frequency domain reflected electromagnetic pulse counting to measure soil.

FDR measurement methods:
High accuracy: accuracy can reach within 3%; good consistency: electromagnetic non-contact measurement is used to enhance stability, measurement accuracy does not drift with time, and extends service life.