Application of intelligent solenoid valve in intelligent irrigation

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Sports lawns require proper watering systems to maintain health and longevity. Watering the field with a simple hose fitted with a hose may be sufficient to meet the needs of a residential landscape, such as a garden, lawn or yard, but it is not suitable for a sports lawn field. It requires the right irrigation system setup to ensure that all areas of the field are watered evenly. Today, pump stations are a common application for building irrigation for sports turf fields. However, there are many components used for the operation of the pump station. One of them is a valve, such as a plastic solenoid valve used to irrigate a sports lawn. Read on until the end to learn about the importance of solenoid valves in sports lawn irrigation systems.

drip irrigation
drip irrigation
Different types of valves are used in different irrigation systems

Many different valves are used in irrigation systems according to different applications and requirements. Some valves used in irrigation system pump stations are —

Pressure relief valve

It is a safety valve used in irrigation systems and other system applications. This helps reduce or control the high pressure in the pipe and ensures that the high pressure transmission does not cause damage.

Locate and install pressure relief valves according to system requirements. The valve basically senses high pressure in the pump station line and opens to release it. Valve opening pressure is usually 15 psi.

Trunk isolation valve

The valve is used to shut down the entire irrigation system. Because of their primary use, this type of valve is positioned and installed on a water source or main line.The mainline isolation valve will be used when the irrigation system requires any repairs or repairs.

Drain valve

Use a drain valve when water needs to be drained from the system. The water is usually drained during winterization, repair or maintenance.The valve is usually installed at the bottom of the pipe.

Remote control valve

This device is installed so that water can flow through the pipe to activate one or more water injectors. For remote control valves, manual isolation valves also need to be installed upstream of the valve for a simple repair process.

Why use solenoid valves in sports lawn irrigation?

In order to obtain the maximum efficiency of sports lawn irrigation, the use of solenoid valves is preferred. Double-way solenoid valves have two ports — one for the inlet and one for the outlet, and they are usually closed.

These valves are used to control the flow of water on/off and, most importantly, to regulate the flow of water. When discharged onto a moving lawn, high pressure water flow can cause uneven water distribution. In addition, high pressure impact can damage the site area.

These valves have electronically controlled operation that regulates the flow of water to ensure even water distribution. Road plastic solenoid valves for sports lawn irrigation with built-in steel mesh filters also ensure a permanent discharge of clean water.

Thus, an efficient irrigation process is promoted and fields are well maintained.