The convenience brought by automated irrigation systems in agriculture

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China is a large agricultural country, agricultural planting needs timely and effective irrigation. When it comes to irrigation, many agricultural growers are familiar with it. There are manual irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, drip irrigation and other irrigation methods. In many people’s eyes, drip irrigation is an advanced way of irrigation. The biggest advantage of drip irrigation is water saving, especially in many areas lacking water. The application of drip irrigation solves the pain point of water shortage. With the development of science and technology in recent years, all walks of life tend to be intelligent and automatic. For example, in the breeding industry, automatic feeding can be realized in the chicken farm. Automatically control the indoor temperature by monitoring the room temperature of the chicken farm! And now many companies are developing self-driving cars and so on. It fully shows that automation is a major trend in the development of all walks of life. Agricultural industry is the same, agricultural automatic irrigation system, is a step towards intelligent development of agricultural planting!The agricultural automatic irrigation system has brought great convenience and convenience to people’s lives.

5 in 1 soil sensor
5 in 1 soil sensor
Automatic irrigation system for agriculture

So what is the specific principle of agricultural automatic irrigation system? Automatic irrigation system for agriculture determine irrigation by soil moisture. Soil moisture sensors are placed in the soil where crops are grown. Through soil moisture sensor, soil moisture data can be monitored in real time. Soil moisture data can be sent to the background system in real time. When the soil moisture is below the standard value, the system can automatically turn on the irrigation system to irrigate the crops. When the moisture in the soil reaches the desired level, the system automatically shuts down the irrigation system! Through such automated control, one person can easily manage dozens of acres of irrigation!

The automatic irrigation system automatically monitors the soil, climate and other environmental data, and the irrigation controller transmits wireless control signals to control the opening and closing of the solenoid valve and the irrigation time. In this way, precise timing and automatic irrigation of crops can be realized. Automatic irrigation system.