Automatic irrigation is dependent on irrigation controllers

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Irrigation is defined as the artificial application of water to land or soil. Irrigation processes can be used to keep crops and landscapes hydrated during periods of insufficient rainfall. Automatic irrigation system operation system without manual participation. Every irrigation system, such as drip irrigation, requires the assistance of water-saving irrigation devices such as irrigation controllers. Realize the control of water valve, save water, remote automatic irrigation.

The government promoted progressive measures to save water and the increasing popularity of modern agricultural techniques. The increasing importance of reducing waste water and the increasing need for irrigation controllers for lawns and gardens.

Sprinkler Controller
Sprinkler Controller
Irrigation controller

Irrigation controllers are devices used to reduce outdoor water use. By monitoring and using information about site conditions (e.g. soil moisture, rain, wind, slope, soil, plant type, etc.) and applying the appropriate amount of water. These irrigation controllers receive feedback from the irrigation area. Schedule or adjust the timing or frequency of irrigation accordingly. Irrigation control techniques have been developed to apply only the water needed and reduce irrigation waste. Irrigation controller is widely used in all kinds of farms and pastures, mainly used for field irrigation and water supply of farms and pastures. This product can control the water valve by pressing the button and cloud platform.

The irrigation controller can realize the control of the irrigation solenoid valve and the irrigation frequency conversion control cabinet. The irrigation controller can remotely control the solenoid valve to save water. The solenoid valve is controlled by two methods: buttons and cloud platform.