Agricultural Iot cloud platform

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Agricultural iot cloud platform is the combination of international leading information technology such as Internet of Things, mobile Internet and cloud computing with traditional agricultural production. Agricultural intelligent, standardized production service platform. Smart agriculture cloud platform has been widely used in the construction of high-standard farmland, ecological parks and government agricultural projects. The cloud platform helps standardize, scale and modernize agricultural production.

Smart agriculture Iot cloud platform mainly includes data collection function, data display function, remote control function, video monitoring function, image capture function, scheduled task function, user management function, authority management function, equipment management function, agricultural technology guidance and consultation function, alarm function, etc. The cloud platform of agricultural iot reflects the changes of agricultural environment in real time. Analysis of agricultural environmental data. Facilitate growers to respond in time, make a judgment, reduce losses.

Smart Agriculture Solution
Smart Agriculture Solution
Function is introduced

Smart agriculture cloud platform through the installation of agricultural iot sensors, controllers, cameras and other equipment in the agricultural environment. Through the mobile phone computer small program, can realize the agricultural production site climate change, soil condition, crop growth, water and fertilizer use, equipment operation and other real-time monitoring display. Automatic alarm reminder for abnormal conditions. Growers can take timely prevention and control measures to reduce production risks. Meanwhile, on the cloud platform, growers can control irrigation, ventilation, cooling, heating and other facilities and equipment on the production site remotely and automatically. To achieve accurate operation, reduce labor costs.

In addition to remote monitoring, the agricultural cloud platform also has functions such as expert guidance and traceability of agricultural products. When growers encounter problems, they can get technical help through the cloud platform expert guidance system. Thus increasing crop yields. Through the traceability of agricultural products, product quality to guarantee, let people buy at ease.