Method of using spore catcher

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Spore monitoring system compatible with ATCSP disease and insect detection and prevention system. Intelligent spore monitoring system includes two types of equipment: intelligent spore capture instrument and intelligent spore analyzer. Intelligent spore analyzer equipped with professional 100 times optical magnification microscope. Spore pictures can be taken regularly and clearly, and uploaded to the system platform remotely. Facilitate real-time observation of spore situation in the field. Adopt precision limit technology, automatic intelligent focusing technology, wireless transmission control technology and other high-tech means. All-weather real-time collection and analysis of spore data, saving time, more user-friendly. At the same time, the measurement of agricultural pathogen spore concentration was digitized. Is monitoring through the Internet to timely understand the occurrence, development and disease distribution area, timely prevention of the occurrence and spread of agricultural diseases.

Smart Spore Capture Analyzer
Smart Spore Capture Analyzer
Intelligent spore catcher

The spore detector makes the spores in the air fall on the glass slide through the air collection system through the air supply port. Drive the collection system has collected the spores of the collection location moved to the microscope. The microbial observatioSmart Spore Capture Analyzern system started to run, and the detection data was displayed on the screen and uploaded to the cloud.

The switching mode of solar power and city power can be monitored 24 hours a day.Touch the display screen to collect spores, capture photos, and upload data from the horizontal board above
To the adjustable area of ​​the microscope, it does not hinder the secondary refocusing of the microscope.With 4G data transmission, users can keep track of data information through apps and computers at all times.Automatic collection of spores, high-definition camera, timing capture and photo function